Weekly Journal

New House

This year I had changed the house from Golden Dolphin to Red Timber Wolf. On Saturday 9th August in the morning all of the student and me were really busy because it was the day for me and them to change the house. Some of the student doesn’t change the house so they don’t needed to removed their staff. But for me I needed to remove my stuff from Golden Dolphin to Red Timber wolf. For the student that don’t needed to moved their staff they could helped their friend or cleaned the house. In Red Timber Wolf have 13 members: Kim, Dalin, Sopor, Sokea, Sreynith, Soliday, Samady, Nilroth, Visal, Theara, Samnang.b ,Seyha and Menghout. First we used to called our house Bright Powerful Sunrise but We had changed it to Red Timber Wolf. The first day of our house we had decided the house name (Red Timber Wolf) and create our house logo. We also chose the people for playing olympic game too. Olympic game started from the morning until the evening and we played it as a house. At the evening all of Liger student came to Assembly room to hear the winner of the olympic game and the best flag of the house. My house was the house that won the olympic and the best flag too. We worked together well and had a good communicated in our house.

Friday’s Performance

Last Friday (24th October) after I leaved Kichong’s house I went straight to Chaktomuk theater. When I arrived there I needed to wait for my friend, so I waited at the riverside. At the riverside it were windy and cold. About ten minutes later my friends arrived and we ate our dinner. After we finished eating we stood in the line by houses and our RE told us who is our buddy. Then we went into the theater to see the performance. In the performance they performed about Angkor, khmer rouge and Cambodia currently and all of these part were performed by Sunrise students. So far they had performed many places around the world. The part that I liked the most was Cambodia currently, especially about their DJ.

Creative Story Writing

Millions years ago the earth very developed but because the aliens the earth was destroying. At that time I was standing front of my house and now I wanted to tell you about my community.
All of the houses had a beautiful designed and covered with a lamp. Also eceru houses had a beautiful flower that attracted the visitor. The people in my community had a good communicated together. When we had some things we always share each others. Every buildings were very tall round and had curve roof. If the building was on the mountain we had a path that built from the brick and had a bridge for transportation from one one mountain to others mountain. On the side of the bridge have the light that helped to protect the people from fell of the bridge.

Man of the Future

Man of the Future

I am a child.

I am all the things of my past.

I am the doctor of my father, this way, that way.   

I am the helper of my aunt, washing, sweeping.


I am all I see

           Sun set on Bakheng mountain

           Parrots in the zoo, eating the fruit.

           A Great hornbill flying above me.

           Elephants eating bananas


I am all I hear

           Dribble Dribble the drop of the rain

           The sounds of the elephants communicating

           Laughter of my brother and sister

           Choo, choo the waves of the sea.


I am all I feel and taste

           The sourness of green mango

           The tempting saltiness of fried  chicken

           Fresh coconut water to quench my thirst  

           Throwing a smooth balloon that is full of water,


And all I remember

           Playing in the waterfall with my big family

           The first day I came to Liger

           Walking in Mondulkiri forest

           Riding a bike with friends

           Playing with a whole school on the beach in Sihanoukville.


I am all I have been taught

           How to swim in the deep water

           The keywords in ecology

           The rules of math, Pemdas

           Drawing the floor plan of the house.


I am all I think

           Will I go on a big trip as a school again?

           Becoming a successful businessman

           Speaking English well.


I am all those things

I am like a wolf

And these things are my forest.

But one day

           I will run

And be Free


I’m the Man of the future.


Nilroth Ly

Refuse Plastic_Description

In our exploration we had learned a lots about plastic and plastic problem.  The first few day of our exploration we look at the video and study about the problem of plastic when we burn bury and put it in the landfill. If we bury the plastic it will pollute to the water and soil. But when we put the plastic in landfill the chemical that in the plastic will come out slowly  than the chemical will go to the water way. Also if we put in the landfill it take a lots of space. But if we burn it make co2  and co2 make the climate change. After we learned about the problem of the  plastic we go to BKK market and Lucky market to interview the people about how they use the plastic. Also we went to Cintri company to ask the operations manager about  plastic waste. They also gave us a quick presentation about the waste in Phnom Penh.  We know that in Phnom Penh Cintri had collect 1400 tons to 1500 tons in a day. We also went to the community that around Liger to interview them about the plastic that they use every day. When we go to interview the people in the community we divide into 3 group and every group have 4 people. Also the question that we interview are the same and all of them are yes no question. We do like this because it easy for us to make a pie chart.  After that we research for the way that we can reuse the plastic. We spend two day to research on our computer than we start to make it. Some people works as a team(two people) but some works alone. I worked with Sreypich to make the bottle that can grow the plant in. After I finish making the bottle to grow the plant I start to do others project and that project is to make the broom from the bottle and make the holder. Than I work with Sreypich again to make Hydroponic.

Algebra A Description

Name of Course: Algebra A

Learning Facilitator: Jeff Boucher

Number of Students: 14

Dates: August 12 – January 16

Days we Meet: Monday – Tuesday


Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we learned about Math. This Advanced Enrichment lasted really long and the students had a really hard time working on that. We learned the hard math by learning it step by step. There are many clever students in this class and all of them are very patient. Every day in our class the math got harder and harder but we got smarter as the time kept going. Sometimes we realized that the math that we had learned could be used in real life. The important things that we learned for the whole year were negative numbers, the Greatest Common Factors, linear equations, y=mx+b form or Slope-interception, parabolas, Quadratic formula/equation, etc. All of these math sections were very hard. It is something that people will think that it is hard because they did not try yet and for those people who try they will think it is easy. But for us here we do not think it was hard or easy we were just trying our best.


Zoology B Description

Name of Course: Zoology B

Learning Facilitator: Jojo

Number of Students: 8

Days we Meet: Thursday-Friday

Advanced Enrichment Dates: March 30 – June 12

Course Description: In the Zoology class, we studied about animals. We learned about what animals are made out of but it’s not really about physical. We also studied about cells which are all the organisms made out of. The other things that we studied were classification and types of animals (are they vertebrates or invertebrates). We used microscopes to see the cells. Sometimes in the Zoology class, some students found the fungi (mushroom) or the endoskeleton. Then we all had a look under the microscope. While we were studying about the Animal Kingdom, we used some real things like the Sand Dollars and Coral Reef to make us understand more. We used Youtube to see the videos about the things that we didn’t know. Studying Zoology must have some difficult words that we don’t know because we all are studying English and also the words in Zoology are mostly scientific words so it is hard for us. All students enjoy in Zoology because we all like learning about animals and they all are very interesting, especially Echinoderms and Cnidaria.


Robotics 2 Description

Name of Course: Robotics 2

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 13

Advanced Enrichment Dates: Session 2: Oct. 20 – Jan. 16

Days we Meet: Thursday/Friday

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment class we learned how to build a robot and programming. When we know how to build and program we did some challenges that teacher tell us to do so teacher can know the knowledge of us. We worked as a pair and one group have one computer for program. Robot we build it from a lego brick. We used touch sensor, light sensor, gyro sensor, and ultrasonic sensor to do the challenge. The challenge that teacher gave us to do have like to help a people from a dragon and follow the shape such as a square. When we do a challenge that teacher give us to do is our robot low battery so we need to charge and spend more time on it. Sometimes we need a teacher to help us on programming a robot because it’s a hard part to learn in robot class. When we did a challenge finish at the end of the class we have a sumo game for a robot.


Algebra B Description

Name of Course: Algebra B

Learning Facilitator: Jeff

Number of Students: 12

Dates: August 12-January 16

Days we Meet: Thursday and Friday

Course Description: Our group learns about Algebra. We started to learn about negative numbers and positive numbers. First we started to draw a number line about negative numbers and positive numbers. The other thing we do is graphing numbers. It is the biggest thing we need to learn. Sometimes on weekends we have a homework to do from the teacher because we need to work hard on graphing it. Other important areas are solving hard problems. Some of the problems that we can not do we can ask the best teacher. He will not tell you a answer. He will show you a way to do it easier, faster and correctly. The goal is know all the key words and solve a lot of hard problems. Here are the key words: Coordinate Grid means the equation about graphing on the papers. Linear Equations mean that used Y=mx+b to graph on the graph papers. Slope means Y=mx+b and mx is a slope. Intercept means the place that one line and one line touch each other. Variables mean the letters the represent the number. Solve means to do the equation.

Equations mean the questions that the teacher put for the kids to do. But it a math word.