Year Four Changing Cambodia

This is my fourth year of being at the Liger Learning Center, here are the Exploration I’ve done this year, VIP, Local Libraries, Marine Conservation, Entrepreneurship and Coding.

VIP: Change Liger
Local Libraries: Reading, Trust, Communication
Marine Conservation: Raise an awareness
Entrepreneurship: Learn
Coding: Learn, Better economic knowledge,

Visitor Information Palace (VIP)
At the end of this exploration we have created a visitor welcome center for our school named VIP. This VIP has change Liger a lot, not much for Cambodia though but at least a little bit. So how has it changed Cambodia? It will give the visitor a better understanding about Liger.

Local Library
We have created a small library box and locate it in front of Liger. We also made some for the other students and facilitators to take home. By doing so the other people, especially kids have access to free books in their community. They will improve their reading skill from the books, learn to take care shared-properties and be honest because they need to sign out and sign in.

Marine Conservation
By the end of the exploration we have written a proposal called “Algal farming as an alternative livelihood for Cambodian fishermen” to proposed to Dom and Mr.Jeff for a whole-year project to see if our solution is feasible or not. In the book there’s also a section where it’s about problems that is happening with Cambodian’s marine and marine life which will raise an awareness to the readers. If Dom and Mr.Jeff accept the proposal it’ll take the Change-Cambodia to the next level, which they have but it will only happen in a small scale. Therefore only a couple of volunteered student will be doing it.

We didn’t make any changes for Cambodia. Instead we learn the process of how to start and run a business by using chilli sauce as an example.

The goal of this exploration is to learn and create a game where people can create their own economy. Player could invest on different sectors of the economy to make their citizens happy. Overall they have to think carefully and critically about how they want to spend their money. Somehow I feel like playing games, video games in specific, help me think faster. I hope the other players find it the same way as me too.