Year Three Changing Cambodia

On the third year of being I do changed Cambodia, here are the changes that I made:

● Think about change (what things did I notice need to be changed in my country; what solutions did I think about, even if I couldn’t DO the solution?)

I think the people shouldn’t throw the rubbish on the road, river/lake, Eco tourism place (our government find a lot of money from that), beach (not a lot) and waterfall (leave the food at the waterfall or in the water, I’ve been experienced). My solution is to create a lot of rubbish bin in Cambodia, especially the place that I had wrote, then we can advertise it on the TV, radio, Newspaper and write poster to post it on Social media (Facebook), stick on school wall/building about how important to humans to throw the rubbish in the bin, to encourage them to put the rubbish in the bin.

I think Cambodian should start to use more solar energy and recycle charcoal (link to recycle charcoal) because they can save their money (they are cheaper) and take that money to work on other things such let their children go to school (in they’re not yet), take it to buy materials to put in there house or other things that they need.

Teachers in government school should focus on teaching students a bit more (don’t think about money too much), give the student more chances to share their idea, don’t use violence too much (only use if necessary), don’t sell the test paper to the students and encourage students to try hard more, at least this is what my old school is like.

Older kids shouldn’t fight the smaller one, even though they did something wrong a little bit because they’re younger than you, should not ask them for money and if the smaller one don’t give don’t fight them, again at least this happened at my old school.

● Raise awareness about necessary change (did I talk to others and share my ideas about what needs to be changed; possible solutions? did I talk about that with people? with friends? family?)

I have talked to my friend (Mengthong) about the rubbish just like what I have mentioned. I also talked to the students in my old school that was grade six to not fight the younger kids, don’t go to Internet to play games while they supposed to go to school and take the money that their parents give to school to put in the game (like AK).

Most of my holiday when I saw members of family, my friends, student in government school or people that come to buy something from my aunt stall and they throw the rubbish away or not in the bin I told them to pick it up and put in the bin, sometimes it worked and some not.

● Try to promote and encourage change (did I do my best to teach others/show others/be an example and model of change? did I try to educate others about change? ex: Sharations, trips, networking)

In Liger Tech Support I went to Green Umbrella (an organization in Takeo province)and taught the kids English and played some game with them. Another one was Tiny Toones (Tiny Toones site) and I also taught the students at there English and fixed their computers.

In Poverty exploration when we were on a trip to Kampong Chhnang province, we taught some of the kid and adult about ankle sprinkle and also the exploration.

● Actually create change in Cambodia this year

The actual change that I create was the Cambodia Animal Guide book.