Math Round I

This school year, my math class will be studying pre-calculus. I know this even before the year began. I came to class on the first day full of excitement about calculus because I’ve asked many questions where my teacher’s answer was that “it has to do with calculus”. That day, I thought I’ll finally get to study and experience its difficulty and awesomeness.

Little did I know, we focused our first math term for the upcoming SAT test. Despite the fact that it’s not something I’d like to do, I have to do it because in order to apply for many scholarships, one of the criteria colleges look at is my SAT score.

Many of the math content in the SAT have already been taught to me. I spent some time studying the rest — of course, with the help of my math teacher.

The majority of the time was spent on developing strategies to answer certain types of questions quickly and correctly. We also did a lot of SAT practice in the math section to get used to the time constraint.

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