Hydroponic Team’s First Harvest!

The month of April has been a very busy month with all things that happened; at the same time, this is what makes Liger so special. On the bright side of this business, the Hydroponic team (used to be an Exploration that happened a while back) got their first harvest! Fortunate enough, I am one of the members in that exploration! I have to say soooooo much work was put into this, both by the students and the amazing facilitator, Waseem. One of the facilitators regards our group as the Pipes Group since we did so much work with pipes: measuring, cutting, and joining them together. We repeated this process for quite some time during our exploration; nonetheless, it came together at the end. The ideal end product of the system would be to have it self-run; we aren’t there yet, but it’s coming up. As if of right now, students have to test the pH twice a day and add more nutrient solution if needed. The first vegetable we planted was green and red cos lettuce. We planted them only on three of the eight available rows of pipes since we are still testing it out and haven’t got to the final product; again, we’ll get there. We harvested only a row, and it gives us 1.5 kg of lettuce. We gave it to our chefs, and it was enough (more or less) to make lettuce salad for our whole-school lunch :); of course, there are other dishes as well. I’m very excited for the final product of the system! And can’t wait to see it!

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